You date Vallensbæk

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You date Vallensbæk
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The requirements include onsite health and safety meetings every 14 days, attended by Banedanmark and representatives of employers and employees from all the companies working at the construction site.“We will enhance the value of the health and safety meetings by requiring inspection rounds prior to each meeting.

These rounds are not a statutory requirement, but they are an effective means of ensuring that contractors are doing what they have signed up to do,” says Albert Dam.

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This will later be followed by invitations to tender for the railway engineering works for Denmark’s first high-speed line, which will open to traffic in 2018 and will cost DKK 10.4 billion.

The first engineering tenders are part of the Danish Government’s objective of the accelerated implementation of new investment in 2012-13.

Our aim is to be best-in-class at a European scale”.

Considerable increase in capacity“The New Line Copenhagen-Ringsted is necessary for the expansion of public transport.

Project director Jan Schneider-Tilli, Banedanmark, looks forward to seeing the contractors’ proposals, “It is up to the contractors to find their own ways of performing the assignments.

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