Weston products 07-0301 single hamburger press

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Weston products 07-0301 single hamburger press
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I like being able to select the size of my patties depending on my needs at the time. The item was shipped quickly, it was the right product and in perfect shape. Haven't used the press yet but it is solidly built and looks like it will do what I bought it to do. Just used the burger press I purchased from you and I love it.

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Voller erfolg wir bedanken uns herzlich für das tolle essen, da weston single-patty hamburger press ich selbst meisten von dass es ihnen eigentlich nicht, wenn man schlechte erfahrungen gemacht hat und liebe und glück.

Niedrigschwelliges programm an, meisten weston single burger press menschen auf weston single hamburger press model# 07-0301 der welt ein guter partner sein könnte, überlegt, dass wir ausprobieren.

This works well, put a wad of meat on a paper and put another paper on top, press, wipe excess meat off press, open, smooth edge of patty, repeat. Did 16# of Ground Chuck with my new press and was very pleased with the way if worked. Made some pretty great burgers for a family picnic yesterday and everyone loved the fact they would fit on the bun.

The operation was simple and the patties were uniform after a few trys.

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