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Single helmet safety lock
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If all station docks are full, park your bike close to the station kiosk.Go to the back of the bike and hit OK on the bicycle keypad.

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Call Customer Service: 412-535-5189 Enter in your personal information, then a method of payment.

If you're in the market for a helmet, check out one of our local bike shops!

Bikes already in use at the time of closure can be returned to any Healthy Ride station.

In the event that Pittsburgh receives a storm of any kind that may interfere with the safety of our riders and will result in a full system closure, we will notify all of our registered users via our newsletter and to the main page of our website. We strongly encourage all of our riders to bring and wear a helmet.

If you want to ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter, simply check your account settings by logging into your account via the app “nextbike” or NEVER ride against traffic For more information and an illustrated guide to riding in the city, please visit: To take a class to become a more confident rider, join one of Bike PGH's Confident City Cycling Classes and your Healthy Ride rental will be free!

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