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Single Frederikssund
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Uniquely for an S-train line, several level crossings were retained after the electrification of the Ballerup-Frederikssund part.

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It took several years before funding for an upgrade could be secured, but a second track between Ballerup and Frederikssund was eventually built as far as Veksø in 2000 and all the way to Frederikssund in 2002.

As soon as the new track was ready, the service frequency was doubled to six trains an hour.

Instead, in the period where C is doubled, half of its trains continue to Frederikssund, providing 6 trains per hour in total on the outer part of the line, too.

This daylight-only extension is indicated as "(C)" in the above table.

In 1949 S-train service was extended to Ballerup, and at the same time the line was double-tracked as far as Herlev.

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