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Senior date dk login Roskilde
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We interviewed author Roy Scranton, who is among the most significant voices in the debate about mankind’s future in the Anthropocene.

Other articles and topics in this issue include: Lost in Big Data?

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The battle for future mindspace - a place in the consumer´s mind - is won through consistent communication in a world characterised by ongoing consumer journeys and the breakdown of silos across industries, where personification, affection, and co-creation of brand stories form the premise for remaining relevant.

This issue looks at universal basic income, populism takes root in Canada, making CO2 a marketable product, rethinking advertisement, intelligent assistants on smartphones, massage therapy crime, hackers and pace-makers, organ shortages, designer vaginas and much more…The future is an enormous and overwhelming subject matter that requires a systematic and methodical approach to research and writing.

The conference "Data & Genomics: Realising the Nordic 'Data Gold Mine" is being held as part of the Week of Health & Innovation () in Odense, and examines the potential inherent in the enormous amounts of social and health data of the Nordic countries – a gold mine for research, development, and business. Senior experts and other key stakeholders will gather together to address questions such as: what are the challenges and barriers that restrict the use of data with regard to personal and public health?

Many no longer see the future as something we shape positively through choices and insights, but rather as something threatening approaching us.

Is this change in our perception of the future a temporary aberration from the norm or are we witnessing a more profound change in Western culture?

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