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Senior date dk login Frederiksberg
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Toilets The disabled toilets at the Zoo are placed near the common toilets.

However, there are no disabled toilets at the Children's Zoo. MAP OF ZOO The programmes are posted at Zoo's website and can also be followed at the infoscreens which are placed near the entrance, by the Zoo Tower, in the elephant house, at the Arctic Ring, in the Tropical House, the giraffe house and the hippo house.

Zoo has signed the labeling scheme 'God Adgang' which assures great accessibility all over the Zoo making it easier for disabled people to move around the garden. It costs DKK 50 to rent a trolley and the deposit is DKK 20, which you will get back when the trolley is returned. If you want to host a dinner in the Zoo, you can book a room and a menu including admission to the Zoo. All written inquiries regarding animal questions will be answered as soon as possible and at the latest within one week.

You can also follow "Zoo" on Facebook, where questions are answered on a regular basis.

A companion card provides for an accompanying adult, when the disabled person shows it together with the season pass in the entrance.

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