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Secret casual München
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Like being known as the guy who looks like he just rolled out of bed or the guy who always smells a little funny.

If you're going to settle on a look, get it right.60. Not in Paris, France, and especially not in Paris, Texas.62.

"Secret wird dem Wunsch von Frauen nach Selbstbestimmtheit gerecht", sagt Martina Bruder, CEO von Friend Scout24.

The baseball cap is America's greatest contribution to headwear. The overlap between active sportswear and casual party attire should be kept to an absolute minimum.

Leave the neon shirts and pants for the links, the white tennis shorts to the courts, and the swimsuit at the pool.63.

A discreet paint or grass stain conveys a sense of lived-in comfort. Most of the Time: Crewneck sweatshirt, black loafers, tweed jacket, cotton turtleneck, white sneakers. There is nothing so wrong with one's appearance that can't be improved, however slightly, by tucking in one's shirt and standing up straight.22. Articles of clothing that you can dress up: polo shirts, khaki shorts, blue jeans, white sneakers, and, for Texans, cowboy hats and boots.24.

The man who imparts opinions via T-shirt has neither the intelligence to form a cogent opinion nor the good sense to keep it to himself.13. The shinier the shine or the pointier the point, the less casual the shoe.17. A quick primer: All the Time: Cotton button-down or T-shirt, brown loafers, navy-blue blazer, cashmere sweater.

Secret-Mitglieder bestimmen selbst, ob und wann sie sich einem Partner offenbaren: Erkennungsmerkmal von Secret ist die venezianische Maske, mit der man seine Identität auf der Plattform verbergen kann.

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