Online dating danmark Frederikshavn

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Online dating danmark Frederikshavn
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His international potential as a striker became obvious already on , when he scored two goals in a Copenhagen XI game against the 1958 Brazilian world champions team, which two years earlier had another largely unknown 17-year-old Pelé making his debut on the world stage.

The two would meet again playing for their respective club teams later in their careers, but in a strange twist of fates while Pelé was essentially banned from playing outside of Brazilian team(s), Nielsen would be banned from playing on the Danish national team.

Harald Nielsen played 14 games for the Denmark national football team in 19, scoring 15 goals, and he was known as Guld-Harald (Gold-Harald).

He was a football entrepreneur having continuously worked for the professionalization of both the Danish national team and the national league.

A gift from Skagen is always a great joy to the recipient.

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