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Jena irene first single
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She made her first recordings in a family friend’s basement when she was eleven. “Music was my way of communicating and getting my thoughts out.”She started a rock band; they stayed together for five years, but her ambitions were pulling her higher.

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“I loved Paramore, Green Day, Blink 182,” she says, “and then I found out about the greats, about Etta James and Amy Winehouse, and I thought maybe I could put the two together and make my own sound.”After she returned to Michigan, she digested all she had been through, went into isolation, and wrote most of the , but also with a relationship, or with coming home to Detroit.”One of the first songs Jena wrote was “Innocence,” about losing her virginity. “These songs are so personal and so direct, there’s really no other way to present them correctly,” she says.

Jena’s music was introduced in early 2016 with the release of her EP titled will be released June 2, 2017.

Jena — then going by just Jena Irene — placed second on Season 13 of American Idol.

The "Innocence" EP, due on Friday, is her debut work with 1265 Original Recordings, the Detroit label operated by British industry veterans Kevin Nixon and Sarah Clayman.

The first time working with a director of my generation definitely brought a feeling of hunger for originality.

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