Gratis online dating Aarhus

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Gratis online dating Aarhus
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If you want to registrer as self-paying, contact Maria Tornslev at: [email protected] notice (Danish for the Labor Market students only) If you stop Danish lessons before you have completed the five courses, you should be aware that it affects your potential for future participation in free Danish classes.

You have the right to continue with Danish lessons for up to 3 years if you complete the 5 courses within 1.5 years (and take a placement test).

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The reception's opening hours Monday-Thursday: - and friday: - Telephone hours Monday - Thursday: - Friday: - Multicenter: Monday-Thursday: - and Friday: -.

Library: Borrow books from morning to evening - either through the staff (opening hours) or self-service checkout machines.

For speakers of Scandinavian languages Do you already speak Norwegian or Swedish? Would you like to get better at understanding and speaking Danish?

Lærdansk has courses that are customized to speakers of Scandinavian languages.

If you are not entitled to free instruction, you have the option to pay for it yourself. If you want to registrer as self-paying, contact Maria Tornslev at: [email protected] for academics If you are an employee at the University of Aarhus or if you are a student and living in Aarhus, you can be registered online.

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