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Flirtbörse Bremerhaven
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On , Brake was raised to city, and furthermore Golzwarden and Hammelwarden were becoming established as communities (from 1913 onwards becoming parts of the City of Brake).In 1861, the river port was brought into operation.In 1974, building began on the District Professional School Centre (), and the communities of Golzwarden and Schmalenfleth were amalgamated into Brake.

In 1873 came Brake's connection to the railway network. In 1936 – the National Socialists had taken power in Germany by this time – the Admiral Brommy Barracks were built for the German Navy.

The barracks were not destroyed in World War II, so the buildings could be used as home for refugees from the former Eastern provinces of Germany. In 1972 the Culture and Sport Centre with its city swimming pool and great sports hall came into service.

Those interested in shipping and nautical history will find in these two buildings a collection such as is seldom brought together.

Brake was for a long time an important centre for training the Navy's sailors.

The SDP/UWG grouping currently holds the majority of seats.

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