Endate Haderslev

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Endate Haderslev
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Bachelor of science in nursing The studies in nursing science at University College Southern Denmark opens a world of new possibilities.

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In some courses the instruction is planned as a mix of classroom teaching or supervision and/or home assignments based upon digital video teaching.

Furthermore different workshops will be held during the semester.

It is possible to connect a master's degree in health care.

INTERNET STUDY We offer training on conventional classroom teaching and distance learning via the Internet.

In particular, the programme focuses on the managerial role of facilitating three central phases of the entrepreneurial process: More about the programme The programme takes on both a theoretical and practical approach: The combined theoretical and practical approach embraced by the Strategic Entrepreneurship profile provides you with an in-depth knowledge of contemporary research and business practices, as well as frameworks, skills and tools arising from hands-on experience, required for entrepreneurial activities for change and progress locally, nationally, and internationally.

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