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Eli roth dating peaches geldof
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Writes Eli: To: Meredith Bluett-Mills From: Eli Roth Re: Your son Ben Dear Meredith, You don't know me, but my name is Eli Roth, and I am the boyfriend of a young woman named Peaches Geldof.

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Eli roth dating peaches geldof Single

At first Peaches and I thought nothing of the posting - the story was simply too preposterous.

Your son's fairy tale culminates with him dazed and vomiting in a sauna at the Scientology Celebrity center, a place notoriously so high security that no non-member would ever be admitted and left alone, let alone a strung out one.

What if there were new photos of your son Jacob drunk and someone made up a story about how he was drunk in public again, and the press painted him as an alcoholic?

Peaches has worked hard to put her mistakes behind her and show she has grown up, and was doing quite well until this insane story came along, and the British press spun it into front page news.

Not at Peaches, but at Ben Mills, the dude who sold the p HOtos!

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