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Dating website deutschland Halle
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This segmentation is not regulated in the main statutes of Halle, no differentiation between the settlement areas is made there.

The northern part of the town area of Halle is situated in the Teutoburg Forest mountain range, with the town limits running on the ridge in large parts.

Towards the south the borough levels off into the sandy plains of the river Ems.

There three streams, the Hessel, Rhedaer Bach and Ruthebach, leave the town's territory, while the Ruthebach joins the Lodenbach.

All of the streams have their source in the Teutoburg Forest and ultimately join the River Ems.

The territory of Halle is essentially characterized by agriculture, but has also a substantial amount of forest areas, namely the Teutoburg Forest and the Tatenhausen Forest as well as 40 hectares (99 acres) of municipal forest.

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