Dating profil Jammerbugt

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Dating profil Jammerbugt
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But all in all : it is a great place to stay for a week of relaxing:) Recomend it ! We do not have fiber network in the area yet, but it's coming. Maybe hot water temperature has been set too low - this can be regulated by the waterheater - sorry you have not told us, then we were able to help you. Dear Jørgen, thank you so much for a a beautiful stay in your great house.

We all agree that it was the best place we stayed this summer.

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The shipyard doors are open to tourists who are interested in a first-hand experience of this restoration.

Following a day spent in life-giving nature, nothing can be more relaxing than a nice lunch or dinner close to the amazing scenery.

In Slettestrand and Blokhus you can pay the old lifeboat stations a visit – a reminder of times when the lifeboat crews did their best to rescue shipwrecked crews in the frequently extremely rough seas.

To this date, weather-beaten fishermen can still be seen hauling their vessels onto the beach of Thorup Strand, while – on the beach of Slettestrand – the passionate members of the boat guilt Han Herred Havbåde can be seen working at restoring their ancestors' sea-going vessels.

Thanks to Jørgen we felt very welcome and comfortable at all times! Generally you can relaxe there so good, do sports or explore the nature and area around.

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