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Dating gifte Struer
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My son had the same problem; you always have that, father and son.You are not experienced; you are not mature enough, but he argued that he has to start now, because the first regular transmission of radio had started in Denmark, and he wanted to be among the first.That’s where my father grew up in Illum, at the turn of the century. There he started working at a garage, pumping gasoline, repairing Buick cars, which at that time were electrical, by the way. Bang: Yes, and then finally he got into the General Electric Company and sat at the assembly line, and through all that experience he learned how radios were built.

Jens Bang describes his father Peter's educational and employment background.

He then details the Bang and Olufsen company's formation and its radio production, design, and marketing in the 1930s.

At the time of this interview, he had functioned as Bang and Olufsen manager of product planning for over twenty years.

The first two-thirds of this interview details the corporate history of Bang and Olufsen, the company that Peter Bang co-founded in 1925.

The interview concludes with description of Bang and Olufsen's corporate growth in the 1960s, during Jens Bang's career there, with detailed explanation of product design and marketing.

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