Dating denmark Lejre

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Dating denmark Lejre
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Every nine years, in the month of January, after the day of which we celebrate the appearance of the Lord [6 January], they all convene here and offer their gods a burnt offering of ninety-nine human beings and as many horses along with dogs and cock – the latter being used in place of hawks.

As I have said, they were convinced that these would do service for them with those who dwell beneath the earth and ensure their forgiveness for any misdeeds.

This is done through a careful sifting of the chronicles, the other written sources, the archaeological excavations, the many stray metal finds, and the wider landscape. Today, the meaning of the Danish word “lejr” is still “camp-site” (spejderlejr= scout-camp).

It is located on a hilly stretch lying to the west of two small rivers and with an old road running along the riverbed.

Because I have heard marvellous things about their ancient sacrifices, I will not allow these to pass unnoticed.

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