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Dating d Fredericia
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The battle began at on 6 July, with Bonin's view of the battle obscured by darkness.

The third and fourth Schleswig-Holsteinian redoubts, as well as a nearby mortar battery, were attacked by General De Meza's 'Avantgarden' (Vanguard) detachment.

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The battle was ordered to begin on 5 July but a delay in one of the brigades receiving their orders led to the battle being postponed until the next day.

The Schleswig-Holsteins had expected an attack to occur on 5 July, and its army had been waiting in earthworks all of that day.

The Schleswig-Holsteins constructed 4 redoubts, which would bombard the town and cover them from a Danish sally.

Trying to prevent the construction of the third redoubt, the garrison sallied on 13 May but the third redoubt was completed by 15 May. Most of the population was moved to Funen, and four of the most densely built areas of the town were destroyed by fire.

As a result, he ordered two more redoubts to be constructed, of which one was completed, near the beach between Funen and Fredericia.

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