Dating 50 plus Sønderborg

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Dating 50 plus Sønderborg
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Organised since 1995 by ROSA – The Danish Rock Council.

An important meeting place for talent spotters, festival organizers, etc. Spot Festival Stella Polaris A nation-wide festival tour in August, bringing electronic music in a one-day festival to Sønderborg, Kolding, Aarhus and Copenhagen / Frederiksberg.

The festival takes place over five days at various Copenhagen locations.

Copenhagen Opera Festival Copenhagen World Music Festival An annual world music festival in Copenhagen in September presenting world music from Denmark and abroad.

Venues and organisations cooperate in a common festival platform to present the many world music genres.

Northside Roskilde Festival The largest international music festival in Northern Europe is Roskilde Festival with an audience of 70.000.

The festival has existed since 1971 and presents an up to date and progressive music programme plus an extensive programme of events, art and activities.

The festival takes place all over central Copenhagen, indoor and outdoor, in the beginning of July.

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