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Dating 40 Mariagerfjord
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The core was correlated with MF8 and another core from the same location and day using diatom stratigraphy as easily discernable changes occurred in the diatom assemblages (Ellegaard et al., 2006).

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They can be used to study changes in species composition of phytoplankton commu- nities in a historical context and for detecting shifts in species abundance due to environmental changes.

While many palaeoecological studies have focused on eutrophication, studies of changes in the occurrence and abundance of harmful species are rare.

Similarly, Stabell and Hasle (1996) found preserved Pseudo-nitzschia valves in sediment from the 1960s.

But so far preservation of Pseudo-nitzschia cells in sediments older than 100 years has not been documented.

A previous multi-proxy survey on the sediment cores from Mariager Fjord, Denmark found increasing primary production and nutrient loading during the past 100 years (Ellegaard et al., 2006).

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