Balvenie single malt scotch

durch  |  22-Apr-2017 00:00

Balvenie single malt scotch
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Many of our photos from the malting floors were taken at Balvenie.

Most of the warehouses at Balvenie are kept traditionally flat and are made of old grey stone.

This distillery character is then nicely combined with flavours of different casks.

This marriage of fruity flavours with the honey and vanilla makes Balvenie a typical Speyside distillery.

The shape of the spirit still pot is tubular and above the intermediate piece sits another reflux bowl. All of this leads to a very good separation of the new make spirit.

This is one reason why the Balvenie distillery is so smooth and sweet without the sharp and intense undertones.

This and the Scottish Highland climate let the whisky mature very slowly, making it very smooth.

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