Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy

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Allie wesenberg dating charles trippy
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However, in today’s vlog, she made her first appearance. ” He turned and showed her face on camera for the first time, then said, “We got Squiggles, a.k.a. Her introduction caused a significant amount of controversy within the comments, mostly about her name.Charles started off the vlog by introducing her: “Good morning, guys. Charles recently divorced from his wife, Alli Speed, after daily vlogging with her for over 5 years.

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The 32-year-old You Tube star married girlfriend Allie Wesenberg over the weekend in a stunning ceremony.

He wore a maroon suit and she donned a fitted white gown with a delicate flower crown.

The video blogs now include Trippy's second wife Allie Wesenberg Trippy & her dog Diesel.

Wesenberg Trippy made her first appearance in June 2014. Some events that have been documented in this series include Trippy's courtship, marriage, cancer battle, and divorce.

The CTFx C Channel currently holds the world record for the most consecutive number of daily video blogs (Vlogs) uploaded to You Tube (as of December 2015 In March 2012 Trippy was diagnosed with a benign Oligodendroglioma brain tumor after having a seizure at the end of February.

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